Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coming back in two weeks

Sorry for the delay, life has me at work more then I want and alot of video to digitize and edit.

I'll be back

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Paradise Toronto Comic Con: Weekend in Review

Hello again, one and all. I'm not apologizing for my absence but as you've noticed the blog has not updated weekly as promised.. so here's my one get out of jail free card to be redeemed at the local police station (*note to players this card only works well in monopoly, or, in Canadian monopoly).

Getting down to it, the main reason for my disappearance was of course an excellent one, the Paradise Toronto Comic Con and preparations for said event. So without further ado here is my Con report, with special bonus of reviews of the following films:

The Love Guru
Hellboy II

Today will also feature a video from Bryan J. Glass from Wizard World Philly. Look out for the Toronto Con panel coverage coming tomorrow.

Friday: Toronto Comic Con

With an early morning start I was tasked with the incredible honor and special privilege to acquire the talented artist and co-creator of Atomic Robo: (head nod) Scott Wegener. With the help of my good friend PJ, bandmate and drummer for Crush Luthor (, we ventured to the fabled and mystical land of the Toronto International Airport. There we picked up our package of one very confused American, the confusion being related to who is this strange driver. After introductions we departed for the downtown semi-metropolis arena that is Toronto.

Upon arrival Scott was promptly folded into the culture of Canada by experiencing peameal bacon at Fran's Diner followed by Tim Hortons coffee. After he finished his salad with a side of bacon we were greeted by this writers very necessary editor and girlfriend, as well as hidden robots very own Mary Brickthrower ( and worthy accomplice Sean Mcmanus.

The cultural exchange continued into the evening as we ventured into trendy King St. territory to show everyone where the Con hotel was located. We met up with hard-working Con constructors and friends and attempted to have a relaxing get-to-know at the hotel bar but were eventually thwarted by a thin-mouthed villainous looking maitre'd who very much resented having to serve drinks unexpectedly. This gave Mary the opportunity to show off her crossword prowess and allowed Sean to speak about the many secret projects he has in progress which he cannot discuss yet still feels the consistent need to mention. It was eventually decided to call it a night as the rest of the weekend was fast approaching and we thought a modicum of sleep might be beneficial to the days ahead.

Saturday: Toronto Comic Con

We woke early and headed down to the hotel to make sure that all the preparations were ready for our part in the festivities of running the panels. Having normally only moderated panels before this weekend, I decided to bring along a lovely assistant to keep me in time and check, and quite frankly, I couldn't have done it without her (*editor's note: the assistant is currently typing this and has not at all embellished the dictation she has received from the boss).

The first panel I had the fortune of moderating was the Writer's Guide to Comics (look for the video tomorrow) and after that, "How to Break into the Business" by Glass House Graphics' Dave Campiti and special guest Will Conrad. Both panels had full attendance and answered many questions from the guests and sparked a lot of creative energy. The next panel of the day was "Webcomics - the Future of the Medium?" and featured the studio Transmission X, Danielle Corsetto, Jeff Moss and Dan Simon of webcomic 'No Reason', and Tyrone McCarthy. The panel was so well attended that not only had seating overfilled for guests but we pulled in extra seating for panelists also. It was a packed house filled with humor, questions and informative banter.

The next panel of the day was 'Women in Comics' hosted by Liana K of Ed the Sock fame ( and featured various attendees. The unique thing about this panel was its approach; it was a less conventional setup and was more like a get together of good friends, creators, and conversation. Big thanks to Liana for making this happen and doing it in a way that brought a fresh feeling to the panel format and an inviting atmosphere all round.

The last panel of the day was the Hero Initiative Sketch Off and we moved it into the hotel bar to give people a nice moment to relax even though they might still be working. Special thanks to C.K. Russell, Will Conrad, Pat Oliffe, Francis Manapul, and Andy Belanger of Transmission X for their great pieces. These went on silent auction for Sunday and all proceeds went to the Hero cause. Thanks to Nancy and Richard Zajac from the Hero cause for their work in this charitable event :)

With the last panel of the day done it was time to get to the nightlife... I'll keep it short and just say it was sweet. A fun time was had by one and all as we filled the hotel bar into the wee hours of the morning. Great idea by Doug with handing around the awesome drink tickets.

Sunday: Toronto Comic Con

It was a sleepy start for many due to an unexpected fire alarm around 3:30am in the hotel but with coffee of choice in hand we all persevered for the goodness that is Comic Con. The panels of the day were kept light to allow for fans and artists to complete any commissions or signings without too much hindrance to their day. The first panel was hosted by Jenn Stewart and was all about Creating Comics for Kids.

The Paradise Con Mystery Panel... video tomorrow!

Blake Bell gave us an intimate look at his new book about the world of Steve Ditko; thanks to Blake for choosing our show and everyone should definitely look into this great book.

And as promised, brief movie reviews:

Wanted: Its not the book, I knew that going in, was happy to see a mindless action movie, with a different take on itself.

Wall-E: A bloody fantastic film, take EVERYONE you know to it.

Love Guru: Stephen Colbert stole the show, rent it on dvd.

Hellboy II: It was so nice to see scale on the big screen, the middle was a bit off but hell if I complain, its got some real ass kickin stuff.

Up Next in movies will be the long-awaited Dark Knight!

In the meantime please enjoy this video from my friend and Mice Templar co-creator Bryan J. Glass.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Hulking Review and The Might of the God Of Rain

Greetings Faithful reader (... or as I call ya, Ma)

I did not post last week due to a promised day of entertainment for my loved one. Which Resulted in my weekend consisting of the following films.

The Incredible Hulk-
The RE-Quel Was spot on fantastic, better then Iron man... No, but then again characters don't allow for the same movie to be made in a way that you can compare. Beautiful Cameo by Robert Downey Jr, Stan Lee, Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Now did I like Ang Lee's hulk? Actually the character development was well done, I see what he was trying to do, and I see where he was forced to listen to an exec who has never watched, read or seen the hulk.

Sex and the City ( Yes I will admit to viewing this)
Without going into personal details every woman I have dated, seen, acknowledged or slept with, LOVES Carrie, Samantha and the other two. SO to say I have seen the show is not a lie. Am I a fan?.. some episodes were very well done, but overall given the choice between that and little people big world, the Roloffs win. The movie was a glorious sparkling glitter encrusted Dolce and Gabanna handbag made from the shattered dreams of many a single woman. In short it was a long ass episode but with some good laughs.

The Happening.

Before I begin, this is the film that was chosen instead of seeing again the hulk and iron man (both digitallly projected which is the only way to watch hollywood movies) so it should have been the saving grace of the weekend right? Sweet lord fuck no! M (as he shall be referred to as I don't care to copy and paste his name over and over again) is known for his twist endings, and as of late, lackluster twists at that. This happily had no twist, it did however have an incredibly suspenseful trailer and incredible deaths..... That's it. Some poor grad student @ ucla blew three different studio execs and had a far better script written, but lost out as the third exec blew into their mouth and "M" walked in the door and plopped this turd out. Now was it waterworld bad? Yea actually it was. Miscast, poorly paced, ridiculous "message" and just boring. Hitchcock would scrap open his grave, walk his zombie corpse to "M"s house and subsequently fuck him talented.
So go see the happening... and pray its empty and you brought someone to play cards with.

Moving on!


This blog used to be an audio show, no seriously it's true. While I have put my cans away for now (I assure you an angry rant will most likely make my year in review piece) I still maintain my friendship with several podcasters. Neil Gorman of comicology fame, and one of the founding members of the justice league of podcasts, Mr Peter Rios.

The geeks over at (free plug, next one costs ya) are the most entertaining bunch of cats I have had the pleasure of working with. I have appeared on the show a few times, but they are also great to offer advice and just general shoot the shit kinda guys. They have a great magazine now, one that should scare the shit out of wizard and parts of the internet. Comics Now is the best magazine for interested comic fans and those looking to get into the world of comics.

So our guest this week and good friend of yours truly.

Ladies and Gentlemen one of the Geeks of (your tab starts now sucka's)

Peter Rios

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Saturday, June 7, 2008

After Philly and Comments only a a mother could love.


Its the weekend prior to wizard world philly. I survived on my classic barebones weekend, and am here with a quickie review.

First what went well.

Decent vendor selection
Nice location (the other side of the convention center)
Good start times.

What was .. Meh.

Guest list had some highlights but it seemed like a clip show before a big episode.
Volunteers. This can make or break an experience, this years group kept me on the fence. They hit the spectrum from great and friendly and helpful to border line confused and behaving as though they were possibly hired to be background performers. They however do not trump the ultimate experience killer.

The Bad
NO PRESS ROOM. Now I understand Wizard is (in their own eyes) "The only game in town". The problem with this is that they are now more like the people magazine or vanity fair of the industry. So when your online news source shows up it might be a good idea not to have your own reporters running the press badges. Open your eyes wizard.

Artist Alley and Dealer disappointment.
This stems from both the cost of tables and the subsequent guest lists. Great! Katee Sackhoff will be there .... on Sunday only... and she has little to do with comics all together (not to detract from her awesomeness though). Dealers suffer from fans who (rightly budget) to see the big draw or get that one piece by an artist. Indie artists or those who do not work for a steady paycheck suffer as well.

Friendly advice!
People, do not piss off dealers or artist alley, they may not be the huge name, however they have their own fan base.

Moving on

The Summer Movie season is in full swing and I bared witness to the newest installment of the Indiana Jones series and I must say. I had a lot of fun. I didn't go to the moment when I first saw Raiders and my eyes lit up and I was whisked away on an adventure. I knew better then to do that and to expect that. So all and all its about a 7/10.

While the summer is known for its movies... TV has one glimmer of hope. The Venture Brothers. Season 3 began last Sunday and lord almighty it is the best written animated... no. The best written TV show during the summer (please note I have yet to the see the wire though I hear its incredible).

Promo time! Now featuring the dailies of Powers, Mice Templar and many many more.

Now to this weeks guest.
This fine sir is responsible for the comics NYC Mech and 24/7. And he was just recently announced as the writer for the Marvels myspace weekly secret invasion tiein and is writing a story in marvel comics at present. I first met him many moons ago and have the good fortune of running in to him quite often while I tour. Stop by his table which he often shares with friend and amazing art partner Andy Macdonald (an untapped talent) Ladies (sorry he's taken) and Gentlemen (sorry he's taken) Mr. Ivan Brandon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Memorial Day not to Canadians

A Happy memorial day to my neighbours to the South. On this fine sunday I am off to see The man who quest for a crystal skull. Perhaps see another film. More to come next weekend as I report from Flithy philly.

Upcoming updates....

Con goers survival guide?
Sketchbook do's and don'ts
Interviews at random places or more walk and talks.

Thoughts ?

Till next weekend.

Derec Donovan

Video of my buddy Derec.

The man making Youngblood actually readable and look cool. Keep up the good work Derec.

Another post tomorrow.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Cliff Chiang and the incredible exploding cycle.

It was a great pleasure to meet Cliff and I look forward to more of his work.

Ladies and gentlemen
Cliff Chiang