Sunday, April 27, 2008

Ivan Reis

Green Lanterns Strike Again!

After Rebirth sunk it's teeth in I was now buying this book weekly. Truth be told I did not need another title on my list but I made an exception to balance out the books I was already buying (whatever works to rationalize it..).

I am a fan of both Marvel and DC and while both companies can do summer blockbusters well, they can also put out a corky romano or taxi (the jimmy fallon one). With that said and a yet to be named Marvel title faltering in quality, green lantern replaced it.

Now I know what you're thinking, the books didn't even launch together, point is it was a trade for the title. I was now happy seeing Ethan's art and Geoff's words flow together like ambrosia into my eyes. But like all good things that go in your eye (or so I am told), I was left with a reddening when I read online that my artist of choice would leave the book.

Shocked, I nearly attempted to burn the internet, but rather than waste the zippo fuel and also attempt to replace my mac, I decided to see who would replace him: Simone Bianchi and Carlos Pacheco, both fine artists with unique takes on the material.

Then along came this man Ivan Reis. He took this book higher and higher with each issue and had you begging for more. something about his art just kept you wanting more.

Now as you saw in the last video Ivan is set to draw Blackest night (as of time of posting and is subject to change) It would actually be great if DC put a few more eggs in the Blackest night basket.

With out further adieu, Mr Ivan Reis.

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