Tuesday, April 22, 2008

LeviEthan Van Sciver

For those of you not fortunate enough to read the best damn thing DC put out since New Frontier, I offer you this opportunity to do so. It is collected in a fine hardcover and will be released in three volumes. What is this book?

(*mutha fuckin is not actually in the title)
First off a lot of people have asked me "Green Lantern? who's that?" Sadly with very little main stream media to point to I was left with two options, the army member from the justice league cartoon ... sigh, or I merely referred them to the early 90's tv movie in which I then quickly remove my own pubic hairs with a set of tweezers to make sure I am still alive.

One book in particular got me back into comics years ago, just one simple economically priced (especially if you shop used book stores ) hardcover: Green Lantern Rebirth.

The story explained why the most powerful weapon in the universe could be defeated by a can of trimclad paint. It also did not wash away the 90's iterations of characters but actually made them into characters of depth and value.

Now some of you readers will be from an age before my time when writers touched you in special ways. Those writers were bad men or unless you were compensated are now government officials. The comic book writers did excellent things with these characters, however after a certain time frame they were made into jokes and comic follies.

Enter Geoff Johns, the man who made me care... actually care about a character named the trickster, and gave me a reason to fear a rogues gallery of lets be honest, damn near laughable rogues.

Thankfully when Geoff decided to do Green Lantern he took this artist with him.

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting one of DC Comics all stars. Ethan gives us some insight into his upcoming projects and thoughts on the internet as well.


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