Saturday, June 7, 2008

After Philly and Comments only a a mother could love.


Its the weekend prior to wizard world philly. I survived on my classic barebones weekend, and am here with a quickie review.

First what went well.

Decent vendor selection
Nice location (the other side of the convention center)
Good start times.

What was .. Meh.

Guest list had some highlights but it seemed like a clip show before a big episode.
Volunteers. This can make or break an experience, this years group kept me on the fence. They hit the spectrum from great and friendly and helpful to border line confused and behaving as though they were possibly hired to be background performers. They however do not trump the ultimate experience killer.

The Bad
NO PRESS ROOM. Now I understand Wizard is (in their own eyes) "The only game in town". The problem with this is that they are now more like the people magazine or vanity fair of the industry. So when your online news source shows up it might be a good idea not to have your own reporters running the press badges. Open your eyes wizard.

Artist Alley and Dealer disappointment.
This stems from both the cost of tables and the subsequent guest lists. Great! Katee Sackhoff will be there .... on Sunday only... and she has little to do with comics all together (not to detract from her awesomeness though). Dealers suffer from fans who (rightly budget) to see the big draw or get that one piece by an artist. Indie artists or those who do not work for a steady paycheck suffer as well.

Friendly advice!
People, do not piss off dealers or artist alley, they may not be the huge name, however they have their own fan base.

Moving on

The Summer Movie season is in full swing and I bared witness to the newest installment of the Indiana Jones series and I must say. I had a lot of fun. I didn't go to the moment when I first saw Raiders and my eyes lit up and I was whisked away on an adventure. I knew better then to do that and to expect that. So all and all its about a 7/10.

While the summer is known for its movies... TV has one glimmer of hope. The Venture Brothers. Season 3 began last Sunday and lord almighty it is the best written animated... no. The best written TV show during the summer (please note I have yet to the see the wire though I hear its incredible).

Promo time! Now featuring the dailies of Powers, Mice Templar and many many more.

Now to this weeks guest.
This fine sir is responsible for the comics NYC Mech and 24/7. And he was just recently announced as the writer for the Marvels myspace weekly secret invasion tiein and is writing a story in marvel comics at present. I first met him many moons ago and have the good fortune of running in to him quite often while I tour. Stop by his table which he often shares with friend and amazing art partner Andy Macdonald (an untapped talent) Ladies (sorry he's taken) and Gentlemen (sorry he's taken) Mr. Ivan Brandon.

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