Saturday, June 21, 2008

A Hulking Review and The Might of the God Of Rain

Greetings Faithful reader (... or as I call ya, Ma)

I did not post last week due to a promised day of entertainment for my loved one. Which Resulted in my weekend consisting of the following films.

The Incredible Hulk-
The RE-Quel Was spot on fantastic, better then Iron man... No, but then again characters don't allow for the same movie to be made in a way that you can compare. Beautiful Cameo by Robert Downey Jr, Stan Lee, Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Now did I like Ang Lee's hulk? Actually the character development was well done, I see what he was trying to do, and I see where he was forced to listen to an exec who has never watched, read or seen the hulk.

Sex and the City ( Yes I will admit to viewing this)
Without going into personal details every woman I have dated, seen, acknowledged or slept with, LOVES Carrie, Samantha and the other two. SO to say I have seen the show is not a lie. Am I a fan?.. some episodes were very well done, but overall given the choice between that and little people big world, the Roloffs win. The movie was a glorious sparkling glitter encrusted Dolce and Gabanna handbag made from the shattered dreams of many a single woman. In short it was a long ass episode but with some good laughs.

The Happening.

Before I begin, this is the film that was chosen instead of seeing again the hulk and iron man (both digitallly projected which is the only way to watch hollywood movies) so it should have been the saving grace of the weekend right? Sweet lord fuck no! M (as he shall be referred to as I don't care to copy and paste his name over and over again) is known for his twist endings, and as of late, lackluster twists at that. This happily had no twist, it did however have an incredibly suspenseful trailer and incredible deaths..... That's it. Some poor grad student @ ucla blew three different studio execs and had a far better script written, but lost out as the third exec blew into their mouth and "M" walked in the door and plopped this turd out. Now was it waterworld bad? Yea actually it was. Miscast, poorly paced, ridiculous "message" and just boring. Hitchcock would scrap open his grave, walk his zombie corpse to "M"s house and subsequently fuck him talented.
So go see the happening... and pray its empty and you brought someone to play cards with.

Moving on!


This blog used to be an audio show, no seriously it's true. While I have put my cans away for now (I assure you an angry rant will most likely make my year in review piece) I still maintain my friendship with several podcasters. Neil Gorman of comicology fame, and one of the founding members of the justice league of podcasts, Mr Peter Rios.

The geeks over at (free plug, next one costs ya) are the most entertaining bunch of cats I have had the pleasure of working with. I have appeared on the show a few times, but they are also great to offer advice and just general shoot the shit kinda guys. They have a great magazine now, one that should scare the shit out of wizard and parts of the internet. Comics Now is the best magazine for interested comic fans and those looking to get into the world of comics.

So our guest this week and good friend of yours truly.

Ladies and Gentlemen one of the Geeks of (your tab starts now sucka's)

Peter Rios

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